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Signing up for an InboxSys account Article rated 3.4/5.0
You can sign up to InboxSys on (People with a referral code can use
Sending a message to the Seedlist Article rated 3.4/5.0
Campaigns are analyzed in InboxSys app by sending them to a seedlist. This list consists of 2 parts: The trigger - this is an address ending with The ISP seeds - those are the ISP ...
Read a campaign result - overview Article rated 3.4/5.0
Once messages are sent to the seedlist, they are listed in the InboxSys app "Messages" section. From the full list, a preview can be selected by clicking on the eye-icon. Full details can be seen by:...
Setting up "Domain settings" Article rated 3.4/5.0
"Domain settings" in InboxSys are used to: Configure the domainchecker Monitor IPs Domain settings are found by clicking the cogwheels in the f
Monitoring IPs in "Network" Article rated 3.4/5.0
InboxSys monitors IPs on a daily base and stores the results for 30 days. Not only the sending IPs of campaigns that have been sent to the seedlist are tested, but also the IPs that can be found in t...
Using SNDS in InboxSys app Article rated 3.4/5.0
SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) is an IP reputation system from Microsoft. Different than Senderbase or Senderscore, SNDS results are not open to anyone. Only the owner of the IPs in question is a...
IP grouping Article rated 3.2/5.0
Follow the following steps to create IP groups in InboxSys app: Click on the magic wand from the "
Using the InboxSys API Article rated 3.5/5.0
InboxSys Platinum users can use our API. A new API key can be registered from your account settings in the "Change password" section. Once a new key has successfully been requested, the new key is de...
Registering for Mobile Alerts Article rated 3.9/5.0
InboxSys can send alerts to mobile devices via Telegram messenger. If you don't have a Telegram account, download Telegram to your mobile device and register with your mobile number Open the bot yo
Configure Mobile Alerts Article rated 3.7/5.0
Before you can configure alerts and notifications, it's necessary to register to an InboxSys bot. Once that is done, you can find the settings by going to your account settings and click "Alerting Se...

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