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Configure Mobile Alerts


Before you can configure alerts and notifications, it's necessary to register to an InboxSys bot. Once that is done, you can find the settings by going to your account settings and click "Alerting Settings".

In the dropdown menu, you can choose to get:

  1. All results - This will show full campaign results. You will receive alerts for each mail you receive in InboxSys app.
  2. Errors and Warnings - This alerts only about items marked yellow or red in a campaigns' analysis.
  3. Errors only - This alerts only about items marked red in a campaigns' analysis.

Below the dropdown, there is a line corresponding to each of the sections in a campaign analysis. Each section has 2 options:

  1. The first option (green) turns alerts for the section in question on or off
  2. The second option (yellow) allows to enable full analysis results. When disabled, you will only receive a summary of the items found

Please note:

  1. When "All Results" are enabled, each section result comes in a separate Telegram message
  2. When full analysis results are enabled, there may be too much information in a single alert, resulting in the alert being split in multiple Telegram messages.
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